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Membership Fees
New Registration Forms

Our Fiscal Year is from November 1st to October 31st.  Membership dues are reviewed annually and approved at the AGM which is held in early November each year.  For the 2016 to 2017 year our dues are as follows:
Each New Adult Member:

  • Initiation fee of $100/adult (one time) plus $145 annual dues = $245,
  • After November annual dues are prorated at $12.08/month for New members joining mid year (e.g. join in January 10 months plus initiation fee = $220.80)

( junior children – under 19 yrs. of an adult member are free)

Please complete this new member form 
and mail with fees to the address on the form.

Prior Members who wish to return to full membership in the Club

  • Annual dues $145/adult * dues are pro-rated at $12.08/month
  • Complete Prior Member Form and mail with the fee to the address on the form.

     (Junior children – under 19 yrs. - of an adult member are free)

Associate Membership Application

  • The Associate Membership category is limited to former Adult members who will be away from the club for an indeterminate length of time and therefore are unable to participate in club events. Annual membership fee $24 per person

If you have any questions about Associate Membership, please contact

If you are an existing member, and wish to renew, please go to the Members section and complete the Membership Renewal form found there. For convenience, you can click on the button below to take you right there. If you are not logged in to this site as a member, you will be required to log in.